Walking Through the Pacific Rain Forest

The best way to experience nature is to take a walk.

While exploring Tofino we took a hike to Schooner Cove in the Pacific Rim National Park.  The web page said it was a short and relatively easy trail, leading through lush rainforests and over gentle meandering streams.

“How long is it?” I asked.

“It’s not far,” hubby said. “Less than ..” he mumbled into his shoulder as he turned away to get something from somewhere else.

So we walked.  It started out easy enough.

But after walking down and around for what seemed like forever, we came to this extended ramp.

Down and across …
… and across some more

At this point, with only the faint promise of  surf in the distance, we had too much vested in the walk to turn back.  We continued walking, going up and down several more ramps and valleys until we faced the final ascent.

On paper it is  only a two kilometre hike. However most of it is climbing up or down stairs. It could have been worse.  If there wasn’t a board walk for instance.  But then I probably wouldn’t be taking this hike.

How was Schooner’s Cove, the final destination?  It was good.

After the walk we went back to the hotel.

Thoughtfully displayed, for our post-walk reflection were these warning signs.

Cougars, Wolves and Bears. Oh dear.

Pacific Rim National Park in Tofino, Vancouver Island. BC. 2017


  1. On our honeymoon in 2012 (should I mention we moved from Edmonton to Ucluelet just last month? Sure. We were married in Tofino though and honeymooned between Tuff and Ukee). Two days after our wedding, we sent our then-3-year-old-daughter on her merry way with my in-laws, and went on the first of our planned hikes (we had planned on many). Schooner Cove! We walked there – great. We walked back. We were within spitting distance of the end of the hike and my husband stepped off the boardwalk to let some people pass…and rolled over his ankle, and fell down a hill. He was on crutches for the rest of the honeymoon.
    And that’s what I think of every time I drive past Schooner Cove. We haven’t returned.

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    1. Funny you mention this.

      One of my thoughts while tramping up and down the boardwalks was … What would happen if I fell and hurt myself? The answer seemed to come later with the Wildlife At Large warnings.

      Nice to know your hubby survived. And came back to live in UKee even!

      Thanks for sharing Jen.

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