Photo Challenge: Order

I’m going to try this.


The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

I took this shot at Chow Kit Market in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  It’s part of a series on local markets where I try to capture their look and feel.  I had a simple intent of showing a dry goods shop, different from the standard shots of vegetables and meat.

What caught my eye about this photo?

Originally it was the orange color of his shirt. The eye-catch which connected the passer-by to the shelves in the shop. But then the color became lines and my eye followed the network of lines within lines, the boxes within boxes. Unconsciously, my eye was drawn to the pattern within the picture, the order imposed on this chaos of small things. But then my eye grew tired of straight lines. It pulled back to follow the curves. The dark slope of the shopkeeper hunched over the counter. The blurred profile of the passer-by. The orange color of his shirt.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  2017

So that’s it then.

My first response to a Photo Challenge. 

But this program is Weekly. 

Maybe I’ll have the discipline to try it again.



  1. Hi Sandy welcome to the Order of a first resonse to a photo challenge! When I started it almost felt like opening a lucky packet as a kid, what will the challenge be and what photos will I use? I like your orderly disorder.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Abre, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad to discover your blog – it gave me an unexpected glimpse into South Africa. I like your tongue-in-cheek writing style – at least the English parts 🙂


      1. Rest assured the photo challenges are in English. In one of my Afrikaans blogs about a tooth which broke, I ask the dentist a tongue in cheek question – lots of place for the tongue in my cheek as there is more room because of the broken tooth…
        Enjoy the challenges Sandy and thanks for visit to my blog.


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