Taking it to the next step … and stumble

What’s the first thing to learn about Street Photography? You have no control of the light. You can chase the light and wait for it but you have  no control.  I enjoy doing street because frankly I am a point and shoot type of person.  I keep my camera in A-(aperture) or S(-shutter) mode, never ever M(-manual) mode.

Last week I decided to take the next step and learn more.  I signed up for Portrait Photography lessons.  I should have studied up on light.

Portrait photography is all about controlling light. Over two days we spent hours looking at light: natural light, studio light, speed lights, strobe light, light modifiers, reflectors etc.  All shots were in manual mode. I took so many shots with so many different settings and modifiers that I lost track of  which was which.   Some shots were pretty bad; clear indicators of a person without a clue.

Once in a while, with lots of help from my light gaffer (Hubby) who  knew what he was doing, I managed to take a decent shot.

spidec42016-0995Sometimes with a bit of luck, I even managed a nice one.   Like this picture of our teacher Peter Soh.  It was taken in full sunlight, with back and front flashes to get a halo effect.  Peter’s hair was perfect for capturing highlights.  Luck came in clicking at the right moment of an impish smile.


Pictures like these encourage me to continue. But my next lesson will be on the Fundamentals of Light.

Singapore. December 2016


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