Multi Modal in Toronto

I took a walk in Toronto and here is what I saw.

Downtown Toronto
Toronto Street Car – which I did see

Iconic Toronto street car

New Flexity street car – which I didn’t see. Image courtesy of TTC

I would’ve liked to take a shot with the newest of the Red Rocket replacements. However the Bombardier specials are late in roll-out and not as frequent on the Spadina route.

One  day when I have more time (and I’ve figured out the six different types of TTC payment options),  I’ll hang around long enough to board.


New city bike lanes

Bike Lanes-9649 (2)

Richmond is a three lane, one way street leading into the heart of down town.   It is an alternative to the busy Gardiner and DVP highways.  In a rash of Green fever, the city converted one of the lanes into a bike lane.  It’s had mixed reception.  Harassed drivers complain about added congestion to the already congested rush hour crawl. Frustrated cyclists cry “It’s about time! There should be more bike lanes.”   Both sides have their point.

As a driver myself, I hate the bad behavior of some cyclists.  Specifically the ones who ignore road rules, scoot through stop signs and straddle the roles of pedestrian and pedalist. But even good cyclists have to ride defensively; to avoid errant drivers, sudden dips in the road and randomly opened car doors.  Defensive riding means sometimes swerving left … into shared lanes … into my car.

Which is why I like bike lanes.

Stylish and Cool

Of course there’s always the old style way of getting around.

At  a sidewalk patio I eavesdropped on these shoes – I couldn’t help it, they were so loud.

The Stylish pair on the left was hitting on the Pointy Pumps to the right.  They were fated to meet don’t you think?

On the opposite end, Blue Jeans and Nikes didn’t say much.  She had her coffee and newspaper. She was cool.

Toronto, Canada.  August 2016


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