Peanut Kids in Chiang Mai

It was late afternoon and we were making our way back to Chiang Mai city after a day spent in the mountains.  We drove through miles of  hillside farms and orchards filled with avocado, orange and litchee trees.  At one point we saw people harvesting peanuts  and we stopped to take pictures. The sun was at that optimal position where the light against the hillside was perfect.  The colours were vibrant and intense.  The shadows subtle. The highlights spot on.

I took several pictures but my favorite ones were of two kids playing in a peanut patch.  I loved the impish expression of the boy and the contrast of colour, light  and texture of the girl. While the photographer in me loved the pictures, the mom in me was apalled at their dirtiness.  Oh my!

The wonder of digital is that I can switch to Colour or B&W easily. In Colour I maintain the brilliance and vibrance of the scene.   With B&W I retain the expression, the contrast and the light but (or and) I lose the grimeyiness of the kids.  What do you prefer?


Northern Thailand, 2015

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