Restricted in Malaysia

In every hotel room, there is a tidy little book that describes hotel amenities and services.  Beyond the room service menu, who reads this?    Luckily, I did and opened up to this page outlining Import & Export restrictions in Malaysia:

  • pornography (ho hum) ,
  • flick knives (obsessively prohibited in China, Singapore and Malaysia)
  • broadcast receivers of certain frequency (doesn’t seem specific enough to be enforceable) ,
  • goods from Israel (..Oh-KAY .. I suppose, this is a Muslim country) and
  • animals like piranhas … Piranhas  (??!! )

Exactly How would one smuggle in a piranha ? In a ziploc baggie of water ? Think about it – It’d be tricky with carry on.

Maybe if you froze it first.  I remember a biology experiment where we added ice cubes to fishes & they lived to pretty low temperatures.    But those were guppies, not tropical piranhas ..

Besides, Why would one want to smuggle a piranha ?

Outside is a 35 degree tropical jungle, festering with tigers, snakes, crocodiles and viscous looking wild monkeys. There’s enough wildlife out there to stock a zoo. 

Wait a sec. 

In the Metro-Toronto Zoo there’s an entire exhibit dedicated to the  Malaysia-Indonesia region.  It hits me like a truck. I am inside that exhibit

Were there piranhas in the exhibit ?  Maybe that’s why we’re not allowed to smuggle them in.

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